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Saturday, June 16, 2018
NoPo Big Band & Portland Youth Rock Orchestra - [details]
Details to be arranged. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 14, 2018 6:00pm
Sandy Mountain Festival - [details]
Meinig Memorial Park in Sandy, OR - Sandy, OR

Saturday, September 8, 2018 6:00pm
Care to Dance? - [details]
TBD - Hillsboro, OR

March 2018  Music Scholarship fundraising concert -- Roosevelt High

Dec 2017  St. Johns Tree Lighting -  St. Johns in N. Portland

Sept 2017  "Care to Dance?" - Orenco Station Plaza, Hillsboro

August 2017  "A Gatsby Summer Evening" - Director Park

July 2017  Sandy Mountain Fest  -  Meinig Memorial Park

July 2017   Mississippi Street Fair!  -  Main Stage

May 2017  Classified Empl. Aid Benefit, Parkrose

Dec 2016  Private Party at The Colony in St. Johns

Dec 2016  Evening of Music with PCWB - Cedar Hills UCC

Oct 2016  Green Party event with Jill Stein - The Roseland Theater

Sept 2016  Care to Dance? -  Care Partners event at Orenco Sta Plaza

July 2016  Cathedral Park Jazz Fest  -  St. Johns in N. Portland

July 2016  Sandy Mountain Fest  -  Meinig Memorial Park

July 2016   Mississippi Street Fair!  -  Main Stage

June 2016   Tania and Michael's wedding at The Benson Hotel

March 2016   Drafts for Crafts! -- King school fundraiser & auction

Feb 2016   GRIT & WHIMSY Book Release Party at The Refuge PDX

Jan 2016  The Old Church concert hall - Open House 

Dec 2015 WPCS Corporate party at Left Bank Annex

Nov 2015 Evening of Music at Multnomah Arts Center

August 2015 Helvetia Culture Fest - Hillsboro

July 2015 Sandy Mountain Fest - Meinig Memorial Park

July 2015 Mississippi Street Fair - Main Stage

June 2015 Peach Jam concert at Grossen Peaches, Hillsboro

May 2015 BTA 25th Annual Gala at Portland Art Museum

March 2015 The Central Hotel in St. Johns

Jan 2015 Private Wedding 

Dec 2014 WINTERFEST at Central Hotel in St. Johns

Nov 2014 Evening of Music at Multnomah Arts Center w/PCWB

Sept 2014 Historic Parkrose Street Fair

Sept 2014 NoFest @ St Johns

July 2014 Private wedding reception 

July 2014:  Mississippi Street Fair - Main Stage

June 2014:  NoPo Big Band Summer Picnic @ Grossen Peaches

June 2014:  MW Pizza @ Mississippi Marketplace

April 2014:  Swallowtail School Benefit @ Reserve Vinyard & Golf Club

February 2014: Portland Int'l Film Festival @ Portland Art Museum

January 2014: St. Johns Winter Social @ Roosevelt High School

December 2013: Winterfest in St. Johns @ The Central Hotel

November 2013: Open Rehearsal @ The Central Hotel

September 2013: Parkrose Centennial Celeb. Movie Night @ Rossi Farm

August 2013: Top Down Rooftop Cinema @ Hotel Deluxe

(Date & location changed to PDX Art Museum due to rain)

July 2013: Mississippi Street Fair

July 2013: Cathedral Park Jazz Festival

June 2013: Centennial Celebration of Peninsula Park

June 2013: Parkrose High School Benefit @ Russellville Grange Hall

May 2013: King School Auction @ Metalcraft Fabrication

February 2013: Willamette Star

January 2013: St. Johns Winter Social @ St. Johns Community Center

December 2012: St. Johns Winter Festival @ Dad's

November 2012: Featuring American Composers with Portland Community Wind Band

October 2012: Halloween Dance Party

October 2012: Swing Dance Party @ Someday Lounge

October 2012: Portland Spirit

August 2012: Picnic at Grossen Farm

July 2012: Mississippi Street Fair

May 2012: Spring Concert with Portland Community Wind Band

May 2012: Peninsula Elementary School Fundraiser – Speakeasy

April 2012: Lents Common

March 2012: Live @ Someday Lounge

November 2011: Evening of Music with Portland Community Wind Band

June 2011: Ice Cream Social @ St. Johns Community Center

June 2011: St. Johns Farmers Market

April 2011: Chief Joseph Elementary School Fundraiser – Night of Magic

Roosevelt HS scholarship fundraiser