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Sax Section

Melissa Carroll
Melissa CarrollMusic Director & Tenor Sax
Melissa is an Oregon native who spent nine years in southeast Asia living, traveling and playing music. After returning to the states in 2012, she enrolled at Portland State University where she earned her Master’s of Music in Jazz Studies. A self-proclaimed nerd, Melissa loves all things jazz and sax related.

Lance Rawlings
Lance RawlingsTenor Sax
Lance runs his family construction business by day and coaxes swinging sounds from his tenor sax by night. He is a skilled cabinet maker, but he returned to his love of jazz performance eight years ago to find more balance. It is a real joy in his life!
Mark Neubert
Mark NeubertBari & Tenor Sax
Mark hails from St. Louis, a place with a musical heritage that includes ragtime, blues, gospel, rock & roll, and German beer hall music. Since playing an instrument seemed to be a requirement if not a birthright, Mark chose the sax because sax players got to play jazz and pop. That led to a bachelor’s in music, part of which was paid for by playing lead alto for the university’s jazz big band. Since then he has played with several big bands in the Portland area.
Sean Cunningham
Sean CunninghamAlto Sax
After graduating from Elmhurst College in 2011, Sean played bari sax in their award winning EC Jazz Band and toured Canada and parts of Europe. With degrees in music and education, Sean currently teaches in West Linn – Wilsonville school district and coaches boys soccer at Wilsonville High School. Sean and his wife, Allie, enjoy hiking, attending Timbers games and supporting live music.
Jim Susman
Jim SusmanAlto Sax
Jim played in great competition and touring Midwest school bands from grade school into college, but put down his horn for a number of years. He finally got his priorities straight and is overjoyed to be back playing in multiple big bands and small groups. Jim is also an avid ultra-marathoner, with over 50 races run, and a hi-tech veteran of the local Silicon Rainforest.

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