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Rhythm Section


Music Director

Brian Haslanger
Trumpet and Trombone.
How long with NoPo?  I’ve been with NoPo in a variety of roles since 2015. I’ve played trombone, trumpet, and am now musical director.
What drew you to the band?  I was new to the Portland area and was looking for opportunities to play.
What were you doing musically before NoPo?  I have a degree in music education and was a teacher for several years. I’ve played in the Madison Scouts drum corps and the San Francisco Renegades drum corps. More recently, I’ve been very involved in many community theater orchestras and community bands.
Are you playing in other bands? I play in Portland area theater orchestras whenever I can.
In addition to playing music, what other passions do you enjoy in your life?  I’m a pretty big nerd, so I play a lot of board games. I also enjoy spending time with my family…we watch tv and movies, family bike rides, etc.
Let’s talk about big band jazz. What is it about this music that really jazzes you?  It’s amazing that any music can have an emotional and physiological effect. I don’t understand how a cello can make me cry or a trumpet can evoke adventure or how a big band can force me to dance (dancing is NOT my thing). I don’t understand it, but I love being part of it.
Who are the composers/band leaders/musicians/records that have influenced your music the most?  In the jazz area, my biggest influencers would be Stan Kenton Orchestra, Pat Metheny, Leonard Bernstein, Duke Ellington, and Sammy Nestico.
Talk about your most challenging experience(s), so far, playing in an 18-piece big band?  As musical director, my biggest challenge has been to program music that is both challenging and attainable, while still maintaining a book that is accessible and fun.
What’s been the highlight, so far, playing with NoPo?  It’s been just wonderful playing alongside so many individually talented people. We’ve had a variety of fantastic performance opportunities all around the area: from Sandy to Hillsboro to downtown north Portland. I enjoy sharing the fruits of our hard work with the public.

About Our Practice

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