Trombone Section

Rob Melrose
Rob MelroseLead Trombone
Born in Portland, Rob has played the trombone since 1975. He currently works for a local silicon manufacturer as a quality engineer. Rob is very involved in the St. John’s music scene, playing with both the University of Portland Jazz Band and NoPo. In all, Rob plays trombone with four music groups in the Portland area, and he loves to play and share music with people of all ages.
Eric Marsh
Eric MarshTrombone
An elementary schoolteacher by day, Eric has played the trombone since he was 9 in a variety of fusion, funk and jazz arenas. He brings dynamic playing and creative soloing to the NoPo Big Band, a group already rich in both, and is excited to be playing great music in his home neighborhood.
Jennifer Ober
Jennifer OberTrombone
Jennifer, a lifelong jazz enthusiast and performer, joined the band in 2015 after relocating to Portland from Pennsylvania. She and her husband enjoy living in downtown Portland where the action is!
Mike Tolon
Mike TolonBass Trombone
A pillar of music education and a great contributor to the Portland community. Mike is a music educator at Parkrose High School in Portland. His positive attitude and strong leadership skills have brought the NoPo Big Band to new heights.

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